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Historic places around Schererville IN

Historic places around Schererville IN

Nestled in the northwestern corner of Indiana, Schererville is a town with a rich historical backdrop that reflects the broader narrative of the American Midwest. The area surrounding Schererville boasts several historic sites that offer glimpses into the past, ranging from Native American history to early American settlement and industrial growth. Here’s a tour through some of the most notable historic places around Schererville, Indiana.

Meyer’s Castle

Located just a short drive from Schererville in Dyer, Indiana, Meyer’s Castle is an architectural marvel with a storied past. Built in the late 19th century by Joseph E. Meyer, a successful businessman, the castle reflects the opulence of its era. Meyer was a prominent figure known for his work in botanical medicines, and his castle served as a symbol of his success. Today, Meyer’s Castle is a popular venue for weddings and events, allowing visitors to experience a piece of local history amid its beautiful gardens and impressive stone architecture.

Buckley Homestead County Park

About 20 minutes south of Schererville, near Lowell, Indiana, lies Buckley Homestead County Park. This living history museum offers a vivid portrayal of 19th-century farm life. The park includes a restored homestead, complete with period furnishings and artifacts, barns, and outbuildings. Visitors can explore the one-room schoolhouse, blacksmith shop, and interact with costumed interpreters who bring history to life. Seasonal events like Civil War reenactments and harvest festivals make Buckley Homestead a dynamic and educational destination.

Cedar Lake Historical Association Museum

A short drive from Schererville, the Cedar Lake Historical Association Museum provides insight into the area’s resort-era history. Cedar Lake was once a bustling vacation destination in the early 20th century, drawing visitors from Chicago and beyond. The museum, located in the old Lassen’s Resort building, showcases exhibits on the lake’s history, including its hotels, steamboats, and entertainment venues. The collection of photographs, artifacts, and memorabilia offers a fascinating look at the leisure activities of a bygone era.

The John Dillinger Museum

Although slightly farther afield in Crown Point, the John Dillinger Museum is well worth the visit for history enthusiasts. Housed in the historic Lake County Courthouse, where the infamous gangster John Dillinger escaped from jail in 1934, the museum provides an in-depth look at the life and times of one of America’s most notorious criminals. Exhibits include original artifacts, interactive displays, and a detailed narrative of Dillinger’s life and the law enforcement efforts to capture him. This museum not only delves into the thrilling story of Dillinger but also provides context about the era of the Great Depression and the rise of the FBI. Know more Schererville.

The Lake County Historical Museum

Also located in Crown Point, the Lake County Historical Museum occupies part of the same courthouse as the Dillinger Museum. This museum offers a broader historical perspective, focusing on the development and growth of Lake County. The exhibits cover a range of topics, including Native American history, pioneer life, the impact of the railroad, and the region’s industrial evolution. The museum’s extensive collection of artifacts, documents, and photographs provides a comprehensive view of the area’s rich history.

The Barker Mansion

A little farther away in Michigan City, the Barker Mansion is a testament to the opulence of the Gilded Age. Built in 1857 and expanded in 1905 by industrialist John H. Barker, the mansion showcases the luxurious lifestyle of one of the region’s most prominent families. The mansion is preserved with original furnishings, art, and décor, offering a glimpse into the life of the Barker family and the industrial heritage of the area. Guided tours provide detailed insights into the mansion’s history and the Barker legacy.

The Old Homestead

In Highland, just north of Schererville, stands the Old Homestead, one of the oldest buildings in Lake County. Built in 1850, this Greek Revival-style house was once the center of a large farm. Today, it serves as a museum, operated by the Highland Historical Society, showcasing local history through period rooms, artifacts, and exhibits on early settlers.

These historic places around Schererville, Indiana, offer a captivating journey through time, providing valuable insights into the region’s past. Whether you are a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique day trip, these sites promise an enriching and educational experience.


There are several historic sites to explore near Schererville, including:

  • Meyer’s Castle in Dyer
  • Buckley Homestead County Park near Lowell
  • Cedar Lake Historical Association Museum
  • John Dillinger Museum in Crown Point
  • Lake County Historical Museum in Crown Point

At Buckley Homestead County Park, you can:

  • Tour the restored 19th-century homestead
  • Visit the one-room schoolhouse
  • See the blacksmith shop
  • Enjoy seasonal events like Civil War reenactments and harvest festivals

Meyer’s Castle is a historic mansion built in the late 19th century by businessman Joseph E. Meyer. It features beautiful gardens and impressive stone architecture. Today, it is used as a venue for weddings and events.

At the John Dillinger Museum, you can learn about the life of the infamous gangster John Dillinger. The museum, located in the historic Lake County Courthouse, features original artifacts, interactive displays, and a detailed narrative of Dillinger’s life and the era of the Great Depression.

Yes, the Cedar Lake Historical Association Museum offers exhibits on the early 20th-century resort history of Cedar Lake. You can see photographs, artifacts, and memorabilia that highlight the lake's past as a popular vacation destination.

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