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Things you didn't know about Griffith IN

Things you didn't know about Griffith IN

Nestled in the northwest corner of Indiana, Griffith is a small town with a rich history and unique charm that often flies under the radar. While it may not be as well-known as some of its neighboring cities, Griffith has plenty of fascinating aspects that make it stand out. Let’s explore some lesser-known facts about this hidden gem.

The Railroad Town

Griffith owes its existence to the railroad industry. Founded in 1891, the town was established as a critical junction for several major railroad lines. At one point, it was known as “The Town That Came to the Tracks” due to its rapid growth around the railroad infrastructure. This railway heritage is still celebrated today through events and preserved historical sites. Learn more Griffith.

The Infamous Bank Robbery

In 1927, Griffith became the scene of a dramatic bank heist that captured national attention. A group of robbers, allegedly including the notorious John Dillinger, attempted to rob the First State Bank of Griffith. The botched robbery turned into a shootout, leaving one robber dead and another wounded. This event put Griffith on the map and remains a significant part of local lore.

A Haven for Sports Enthusiasts

Despite its small size, Griffith has produced several notable athletes. The town takes pride in its sports programs, particularly in basketball and baseball. The Griffith Panthers, the local high school team, has a strong following and has achieved considerable success in state competitions.

The Griffith-Merrillville Airport

Many people are surprised to learn that Griffith is home to a bustling general aviation airport. The Griffith-Merrillville Airport serves as an important hub for private and corporate flights in the region. It’s not uncommon to see small planes and jets taking off and landing, adding an unexpected touch of aeronautical flair to this small town.

A Unique Geographical Feature

Griffith sits on the Valparaiso Moraine, a ridge formed by glacial activity during the last ice age. This geological feature gives the town subtle elevation changes unusual for the typically flat Indiana landscape. It also contributes to the area’s diverse ecology, supporting a variety of plant and animal species.

The Central Park Plaza

In recent years, Griffith has invested heavily in its downtown area, creating the Central Park Plaza. This modern community space hosts numerous events throughout the year, including concerts, markets, and festivals. It’s become a focal point for community gatherings and has helped revitalize the town’s core.

A Craft Beer Destination

Griffith has embraced the craft beer movement with enthusiasm. The town is home to several microbreweries and taprooms, making it a surprising destination for beer aficionados. These establishments often use local ingredients and pay homage to the town’s history through their branding and beer names.

The Griffith Historical Park and Museum

For those interested in local history, the Griffith Historical Park and Museum is a hidden treasure. Housed in a former railroad depot, it showcases artifacts and exhibits detailing the town’s development from a railway junction to the diverse community it is today.

Environmental Initiatives

Griffith has been at the forefront of several environmental initiatives in the region. The town has implemented progressive recycling programs and has worked to preserve natural areas within its boundaries. These efforts have earned Griffith recognition as a leader in small-town sustainability practices.

A Diverse Culinary Scene

Despite its size, Griffith boasts a surprisingly diverse culinary landscape. From traditional American diners to authentic ethnic restaurants, the town offers a range of dining experiences that often surprise visitors. Many of these establishments are family-owned, contributing to Griffith’s strong sense of community.

In conclusion, Griffith, Indiana, may be small in size, but it’s big on character and history. From its railroad roots to its modern-day innovations, this town continues to evolve while maintaining its unique identity. Whether you’re a history buff, a sports fan, or simply looking for an unexpected adventure, Griffith has something to offer. Next time you’re in Northwest Indiana, consider taking a detour to discover the hidden charms of this remarkable town.


Griffith was originally named "Broadview" when it was founded in 1853 by the Grand Trunk Western Railroad. The town was later renamed in honor of E.P. Griffith, who served as the railroad's division superintendent.

One of the most notable landmarks in Griffith is the Griffith Grand Trunk Depot, which dates back to the late 19th century and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Another landmark is the Central Park Plaza, known for its community events and outdoor concerts.

Griffith hosts several community events, with the "Rock 'N' Rail" festival being one of the most popular. This festival combines live music performances with a celebration of the town's railroad heritage. Other events include art fairs, holiday celebrations, and farmer's markets.

Griffith offers various recreational opportunities, including parks, hiking trails, and sports facilities. One of the popular parks is Wicker Memorial Park, which features picnic areas, playgrounds, and sports fields.

Griffith supports its local economy through a mix of small businesses, dining establishments, and community-focused initiatives. The town promotes economic development while preserving its small-town charm, attracting both residents and visitors alike.

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